Deluxe Artist’s Brush Set


The Brush Artistry Deluxe 36 Piece Artist’s Brush Set.

This amazing brush set contains just about every type of brush you’ll ever need – all wrapped up in a handy canvas roll-up bag.

The Brush Artistry Brush Set features 3 bristle types, in 2 shapes and 6 sizes – each! A total of 36 unique brush combinations! That’s 30% more brushes than other popular brush sets on the market today!

So why would you want so many brushes?

Because there is such a variety of paint media available today, each of them performing slightly differently according to the type of bristle used in the brush.


Three Bristle Types: Hog, Synthetic and Pony Hair.
Two Brush Shapes: Flat and Round.
  • Flat tipped brushes
  • Round brushes

Each bristle type and tip shape combination comes in six of the most popular brush sizes. That is 36 brushes in total! Each brush type is color-coded, making it easy to identify the right brush for the right paint medium. All brushes are wooden handled and approximately 12 inches (30cm) long, for comfort and balance – giving greater control over your brush strokes.

The Brush Artistry Deluxe 36Piece Brush Set is ideal for beginners and experienced artists alike. It is also suitable for hobbyists, model makers, craftspeople or even just handy men and women.

You can never have enough brushes in the house!


The set comes in a FREE canvas roll-up wallet and is shipped in a cardboard box for easy gift wrapping!


 The Brush Artistry Deluxe 36 Piece Artist’s Brush Set
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