Synthetic Brushes

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The Brush Artistry Deluxe 36 Piece Artist’s Paint Brush Set contains a total of 12 synthetic filament brushes.

Advances in technology over the past few decades has resulted in the superiority of synthetic fibers, resulting in them being the preferred choice for a range of applications.

Some of the chief advantages of synthetic brushes are:

  • They are less likely to be damaged from by solvents or acrylic paints.
  • Because they don’t have animal scale structures to trap and retain paint, they are easier to keep clean.
  • They are not as likely to break and are durable on a wide variety of different surfaces.
  • Synthetic brushes are better suited for use with acrylic paints because a synthetic filament will better withstand the caustic nature of acrylic paints with far less damage.

Of the 12 synthetic bristle brushes in the Brush Artistry Deluxe 36 Piece Artist’s Paint Brush Set, six have a ‘flat’ tip shape, while six are ’round’ tip. Each tip shape comes in sizes #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, and #12.

This range of sizes means you will always have the right brush for the right application – whether you are creating a large area wash or background, or a fine, delicate line – and everything in between!


  • All of the synthetic brushes have long wooden handles, approximately 12 inches (30cm) in length.
  • These long handles provide for a good balance and greater comfort – especially if you’re engaged in your artwork for an extended period of time.
  • The different brush bristle types are all coded with specific colored handles so you can quickly select the right brush without confusion.


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